4th of July at Higgins Beach, Scarborough, Maine

We have had a BUSY BUSY BUSY spring and early summer so I have just been WICKED STOKED for a beach day and knew that the 4th of July would provide the perfect day! No phone calls, no urgent emails and all the texts I sent or recieved were to friends wishing them a Happy Independence Day! Truly a day to be cherished.

Higgins Beach is my favorite beach in Maine. Not only is it a five minute drive from my house, but it provides stellar waves for surfing, boogie boarding or body surfing and the beach is quite quaint. You can’t go to Higgins if you are afraid of a little sand on your towel picked up by a passing toddler running back to their towel. People are packed as tight as a Maine lobster in a cooking pot – and knowing this, you must get there early or you will be forced to lounge on the hard rocks buffering the neighboring houses from high tides and hurricanes. Speaking of high tide, it can sweep in faster than Usain Bolt can run 100 meters, so sitting as far back as possible is always ideal (plus, the sand is softer).

Any day at Higgins can be special, but in honor of our Country’s Independence, I thought I would share some funny moments and highlights from my visit today.

  • After arriving to grey skies around 11am, we were surprised an hour later by bright sun and clear blue skies! The perfect beach day I had been longing for.
  • Watching kids playing on their boogie boards – its amazing how far they can ride those waves in inches of water. Clearly only weighing 30lbs and being 4′ tall has its benefits.
  • While taking a walk along the beach to look at houses, I noticed a group of ginger boys. As they breezed by, my nose was INSTANTLY filled with the sweet smell of Coppertone. Those poor boys must have to bathe in it hourly to prevent third degree burns.
  • On that same walk, I saw, what had to be, the most tan man I have ever seen in my life. All I could think of was that he must be from New Jersey (no one from Maine is THAT tan) and he most certainly was Snooki’s father.
  • A dad was struggling to pull a wagon through the thick sand (honestly, I’ve never understood the concept of wheels in sand, but whatever) behind me while I lay in the warm sun. In one quick moment, the wagon fell emptying all the beach toys and chairs it was carrying. He said to me, “Well, I guess this is where we will be sitting!” and I laughed. However, what made me laugh harder was as he was picking the items up to join his friends and family in his REAL resting spot, his young son came over and said, “Dad, why did you dump the wagon here? We are sitting over there!” pointing his little hand oh so innocently towards his family. The dad looked at me as to say “SERIOUSLY!”
  • A group of young twenty somethings hanging out in front of us. Each one of them with red solo cups in hand consuming Coronas and beach drinks made with Bacardi. They were most DEFINITELY from Maine (paging Bob Marley and parties in Baxter Woods).
  • While enjoying the fresh ocean water and playing in the waves, we quickly joined a game of frisbee with a son and his father. No, not because they asked us, but because the son could not aim the frisbee at his dad to save his life!
  • And lastly, this day was extra special because of the decor – stars and stripes GALORE! On bathing suits, finger nails, towels, sunglasses and hanging at almost all the beach houses in some way or another. A little girl even walked by with a headband on that had two American Flags attached by silver springs. It’s such a joy to see people relaxed and celebrating! That is what the 4th of July is about!

I hope you all had a safe and wonderful 4th too!

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