#SMBME – Listen & Be Human

I love attending Social Media Breakfast Maine each month. The topic is always different and the presenters are local Maine business’ who let you know how they are making social media work for them.

This month, Amy Vintinner from Seabags ( I am totally getting a custom bag made for Lenny and I’s five year anniversary this summer! SO COOL!) and CC Chapman, author of Content Rules were there to speak about why content in social media is so important and how to engage your followers/clients/peers. Basically, we need to listen to what people are looking for and be human when delivering what they want.

If someone mentions you in a post or asks you a question – acknowledge them by answering their questions and say thank you. They went to you for a reason. When you do answer them, use “your own voice”. Don’t pretend to be someone else – show your colors. I’m not saying that you need to be derogatory or overly opinionated, but don’t be vanilla.

What I have always struggled with is content – what do people want to hear? I don’t want to bore them or be redundant. One way to understand what people want is to just listen for what they are looking for and answer their questions. As a Realtor, people ask me all the time “Is now a good time to sell my home?” or “How is business?”. These are both great questions to blog about. Now, when people ask you these questions, don’t say “Reference my blog” go ahead and answer them; however, they are not the only ones wondering those questions and they won’t be the last so put it out there for everyone to see.

I hope that my posts always show my personality and are NEVER vanilla and in the future I am going to pay attention to what people are asking me about Real Estate and my business. Like I have said before, we want to be the #1 Real Estate Team that you think of when you want to buy, sell or just have that basic question you want answered. So with that in mind, what are you looking for in a Real Estate professional? Do you have any questions about the market right now or the changes coming down the road?

To end, I am going to leave you with what SeaBags left us with at the end of her presentation. It was found on the Life is Good facebook page:

“Dance like the photo is not tagged.
Love like you’ve never been unfriended.
Tweet like nobody is following.”


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