This was my second year participating in the Maine Cancer Foundations Tri for a Cure. Before I start telling you how wonderful it was, I need to thank Loni Graiver the owner of my real estate company, The Maine Real Estate Network, for being an endurance sponsor and getting us in this amazing event. Without that, I may not have ever participated in this event. THANK YOU!

This weekend was FAB-U-LOUS! Last year was great but there was something extra special about this year. I can’t totally pin point it. But here is my list of ultimate high lights.

  • As of 8/1/2011, the Maine Cancer Foundation estimates it raised OVER $1 million! And ALL the money stays in Maine! STUNNING!
  • I am a super competitive person so I wrote last years time on my arm for motivation. I beat it by 5 minutes this year. SO STOKED!
  • Saturday at packet pick-up, it was SO SO SO windy, and the water was SUPER choppy. Sunday, the day of the event – calm, warm and sun-filled.
  • I saw SO many girls that I have not seen in FOREVER! And I saw them on the run route! How cool is that? We were able to say hi and cheer each other along.
  • I got into the food tent immediately after the race. Last year, half the food was gone and I was S.O.L. This year, I feasted on pineapple, strawberries, brownies, blueberries and my fav – VITA COCO!!! I was in HEAVEN! Thank you Whole Foods.
  • I also got into the massage tent. Signed in and laid down. It felt AMAZING too. Thank god for those massage therapist and the fact that they were not afraid of touching a sweaty, sea salty body. I LOVE THEM!
  • I could not wear my iPod this year. I rely heavily on music to add that extra push when I get slow and ready to hit the wall. But most importantly, it tunes out my extreme panting. However, this year we would risk disqualification if we had one. To my surprise, I didn’t need it. I was able to tune out my breathing and really listen to the crowd cheering me on. The random “GO APRIL!” was so great to hear. I will also never forget this guy on Shore Road after Fort Williams. I was going up a small hill and he yells “DIG INTO THAT HILL 454! YEEEEAAAAAA!” He pumped me up so much and I remember just flying the rest of the way to transition.
  • Along the subject of music, whomever was playing the Rocky theme music going up the stairs at Bug Light Park and the people at the corner of Broadway and Benjamin Pickett blasting the tunes - I LOVE YOU! TOTAL motivation.
  • Along the lines of Rocky, whoever wrote “YO ADRIENNE!” on Route 77 across from Rudy’s, YOU ROCK! It made me think of that scene in Rocky IV when he is trudging through the snow in Russia.
  • The volunteers at the Tri for a Cure are always amazing! In the water, I got off track because I could not see the buoy I was looking for due to massive amounts of kayaks. However, one lady came kayaking right over to me and put me on track. I WAS SO MAD that I had got off course, that I used some VERY colorful language (not directed towards the volunteer of course) and the lady just says “You look great! Keep up the good work!” How sweet is that?
  • The Maine Real Estate Network had a booth like no other this weekend. We gave away Tony’s donuts, coffee, reusable bags, hot dogs, lemonade, ice cream and so much more. People donated SO MUCH MONEY for our services. I think we doubled our amount from last year. And it will all go to The Maine Cancer Foundation! YAY!

It is hard nail down all the wonderful aspects of this weekend. It makes you feel so wonderful to be a part of something SO HUGE! When I tell people I am doing a triathlon, they immediately go into the “How long is it?”, “What activity do you do first?” “Wow that must be really hard” and I totally get caught up in all of that. Like I said, I am SO competitive and I always want to do my best; however, the TRUE REASON we are there is for cancer. We are there to help raise money for this wretched disease that takes FAR to many lives each year. When you are on that course and you see a woman with a survivor shirt on, you want to celebrate the fact that she is on this course. She has beat cancer and she is killing it in this race. And it’s not just a road race – it is three grueling events that even people who have not battled cancer can do. I was reminded of this many times on the race. I looked at my arm at last years time as motivation, but seeing a survivor was the real motivation.

Tri for A Cure

So like last year, The Maine Real Estate Network will be an Endurance Sponsor at the Maine Cancer Foundations 4th annual Tri For A Cure - an all women’s triathlon that raises money for cancer research and education in Maine. This means you will get to enjoy an AMAZING event and also meet some of the fine agents at our company! Our company’s Owner and Designated Broker, Loni Graiver, who lost his father to cancer in 2008, says he sponsors this event because it feels wonderful to be apart of an event that can raise over $1 million in a single day – and it all stays in Maine.

As an athlete, I am very grateful that Loni decided to sponsor this event. As Realtors in his company, we have the opportunity to compete. Participating in a triathlon is an idea I have always tossed around. Now, I am a returning athlete and I have signed up for another tri later in the summer. I guess you could say I’m hooked.

Last year I was able to raise a little over $1500 for the Maine Cancer Foundation. This year, my goal is to hit the $2000 mark. If you would like to donate to my goal, that would be FABULOUS and most appreciated.

Participating in this event allows me to do two things that I enjoy very much: working out and giving back. We sometimes become so busy in our careers that we don’t get to do either so I am very fortunate to be able to stay in shape and give back to the Maine Cancer Foundation and BONUS! Have a great time doing it! I train with fellow Realtors in my office and we just have a blast. It’s a great way to spend my summer :)