I am a Social Realtor

YES! This totally means that I am a social butterfly! Don’t you see me fluttering around from hot spot to hot spot? More like #SMBME to #METweetUp to charity 5ks and Open Houses.

All kidding aside, the real estate industry has TOTALLY changed. When I got my license almost 6 years ago, the market was just about to burst and begin its downward spiral of change, change, change! All I could do was adjust, keep up and most importantly, GET CREATIVE!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend an afternoon seminar called The Social Connection put on by The Boston Globe. It was about the importance of Social Media and Real Estate and the fine line between selling and being insightful. Too often we see business’ SELL SELL SELL on facebook and twitter and what do we as consumers do? We block, unfollow or dislike them. Who wants to go onto a fun social media outlet where many people catch up with family or high school friends and just get sold stuff all the time? As business owners, or in my case, real estate professionals, we’ve got to keep our posts insightful, educational and fun! In order for me to keep growing my business, I need to be top of mind with my friends and the community. If I get blocked, that won’t happen.

The keynote speaker was Matthew Shadbolt (@Corcoran_Group)¬†from the Corcoran Group in New York. The biggest points I took from him were “Helpful stories always win and you need to OWN THE NEWS FEED”! I totally think that my helpful stories can be about real estate; however, not about helping people buy one of my listings. However, switching it up and letting people know about great community events is always good too!

Another thing that Matthew said was that the future is not necessarily going to be about the box sitting on our desks, but the device we hold in our hand or in our pocket. Tell me that’s not a change from 6 years ago!? Back then (sounds like so long ago, MEH!) the laptop was HOT! HOT! HOT! Now, it’s the smart phone and iPad. This all tells me that I still need to keep up and stay creative because technology, along with the market, is still changing at a pace that can totally sweep you off your feet if you don’t pay attention.

I love social media. I really think that I have found a great balance with my posts. I try to keep our fan page, The Cohen-Tracy Team, fun and helpful to all that “like” us and my personal page is pretty much just that, personal. I do promote my business sometimes; however, its really about keeping in touch with friends. Yesterday really brought me back to my #SMBME blog post about listening and being human. As complicated as social media sounds, its really quite simple: don’t sell and be insightful.