#SMBME – Listen & Be Human

I love attending Social Media Breakfast Maine each month. The topic is always different and the presenters are local Maine business’ who let you know how they are making social media work for them.

This month, Amy Vintinner from Seabags ( I am totally getting a custom bag made for Lenny and I’s five year anniversary this summer! SO COOL!) and CC Chapman, author of Content Rules were there to speak about why content in social media is so important and how to engage your followers/clients/peers. Basically, we need to listen to what people are looking for and be human when delivering what they want.

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Welcome to the World Wide Web!

www.thecohentracyteam.com is FINALLY alive and KICKIN’!

We have struggled with various types of websites throughout the last couple of years, but never thought it was super important because all three of us are so connected on Facebook (Linda Cohen, April D Cohen-Tracy, Lenny Tracy). However, for as many people we have connected with on Facebook, it clearly was NOT enough. People were Googling us and not finding a way to contact us or any of our listings. Just at our point of MEGA frustration, in walked Nathan O’Leary and Meg Stiffler from Mainely SEO.

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